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Yesterday, all KEIYO trains were stopped in Tokyo for 7 hours!  Imagine: You are stuck inside a train without air conditioning in this hot summer for 1 hour? It`s hotter than a sauna!  The KEIYO line goes to Tokyo Disneyland and runs alongside the Tokyo Bay.  One of our coworkers watched an interview with a the person who had just left Tokyo Disneyland:  “Definitely I was in the fantasy world and jumped into the real world.”  With this news piece we decided to post the advertisement shown above, it was created with reference to the Tokyo subway and published last year!

And to make good use of this post, we have had added more 6 countries:

Belarus: 882-00-011-0058
Greece: 00-800-161-22-035-975
Israel: 1-809-256-403
Italy: 800-787-972 and 800-789-376
Moldova: 0800-60-001
Ukraine: 880-0504-1860

For all the countries listed click here

How to go to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Office?


Take the “Brastel” bus Shinagawa Futo Junkan from JR Shinagawa station Konan-guchi (East Exit) / Busstop “Tokyo Nyukoku-Kanrikyoku Mae”

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Office (5-5-30, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Telephone : (03) 5796-7112

Office hours: 09 : 00 to 12 : 00 and 13 : 00 to 16 : 00. Monday through Friday
Telephone inquiries are accepted during office hours
(The office will be closed on national holidays and for the year end and New Year holidays.)

For more information about Tokyo Regional Immigration click here

Brastel in Nikko! 2009.07.18

Photo by Lidia Megumi Sakaguti

Photo by Lidia Megumi Sakaguti

Brastel Mobile and FLIP Family in korean!

Brastel Mobile and Flip Family in korean

Brastel Mobile and Flip Family in korean

브라스텔은 최신의 새로운 서비스가 신설되었습니다.

브라스텔 모바일(EM)과  FLIP훼밀리 서비스는 동시에 이용시 더욱더 저렴한 통화요금으로 국제/국내통화가 가능하게 되었습니다.

이 새로운 개념의 신 서비스를 신문뿐만 아니라 한정된 스페이스를 통해 최대한 표현하기 위해 저희는 광고팀의 조언을 참조해 3가지로 요약해서 소개하겠습니다.

1. FLIP훼밀리는 인터넷 환경만 있으면 세계의 어떤 나라에서도 이용할 수 있 습니다.

2. FLIP훼밀리는 기본요금만으로 무제한 통화가 가능합니다.

3. 브라스텔 모바일(BM)에서FLIP훼밀리 통화시 1엔으로 통화가능합니다.

FLIP훼밀리를 일본 1대, 한국 1대, 미국 1대, 총 3대를 설치했을 경우, 월기 본요금 1000엔만으로 무제한 통화가 가능합니다.
우리의 생각을 그대로 광고로 제작해 주시고 전문지식을 응용할 수 있도록 도움을 주신 광고부에 감사드립니다.

Brastel Mobile and FLIP Family in chinese!

Brastel Mobile and Flip Family in chinese

Brastel Mobile and Flip Family in chinese

博朗思特推出了新服務—-博朗思特手機(BM)和福禮家族,這是2個非常好的服務(特別是它們2個服務並用)。由於是新理念的產品,在有限的廣告上很難清楚易懂的表達出來。考慮了很久我們將要表達的中心要點列為以下幾點: 1. 福禮家族可以設置在世界各地 2. 福禮家族互打0日圓 3. 博朗思特手機(BM)打往福禮家族只需1日圓(假設你將福禮家族的一台設置在中國上海,一台設置在日本東京, 一台設置在英國倫敦,那麼3台福禮之間通話無料,在日本的博朗思特手機打往這3台福禮均為1日圓。)感謝博朗思特的專業廣告製作員,他們憑藉著自己的專業眼光將我們提出的要點完美的展現在我們的眼前。

When Brastel released their latest services, Brastel Mobile (BM) and FLIP Family, we wondered what would be the best way to present the combination of these amazing services in the limited space of a newspaper advertisement.  After thinking for a long time, our Chinese and Korean departments decided the world should be taken as the main background to reflect our new products’ three main points :

1) FLIP Family can be used in any country;

2) FLIP Family members can talk 24/7 for free; and

3) Calls from BM to FLIP Family are 1 yen/min (suppose you install one FLIP Family set with one device in Shanghai, one in Tokyo and one in London. Calls between them will be free. Besides, you will be able to use your BM in Japan to call to any of them for just 1 yen/min).

We would like to thank our Design department, for using their expertise and creativity to transform our ideas into such a nice advertisement!

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