Lights, camera and ACTION!

Here we go again!  We are currently in preperation for the next Festival de Cinema Brasil 2009 and want to make it even better than last years.  Festivak de Cinema Brasil is a great event for Brazilian film-lovers in Japan.  We even have a little surprise for you, a sneak-peak at this year’s poster:

FCB2009 Poster preview

Studies for the Final Look of the Poster

In its 5th year, the Festival will take place on October in both Tokyo and Osaka with 3 never-seen-before-in-Japan movies will be screened as well as re-screenings of previous successes. Keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates!

The Brastel Creative Team is also responsible for this wonderful event and we love to let the imagination fly free concerning the design concepts for promotion material.  Check out the previous posters that we made for the FCB2009 and let us know your opinion.

poster_fcb2005_small2005 poster_fcb2006_small2006 poster_fcb2007_small2007 poster_fcb2008_small2008

Click on the image to visit the site.

Hope you all enjoy this year’s event!

See you there!

さー!ブラジル映画ファンなら誰でも首を長くして待つブラジル映画際の準備が 全開だ!そして今回特別にBRASTEL・CREATIVEの読者の皆様だけにささやかな サープライズ!一般未公開の今年のポスター!今年のブラジル映画祭は10月に 行われる予定。しかも!東京だけじゃない!今回は大阪にも行くで〜!日本未公 開の3本の作品以外、ファンのリクエストに応えて過去の大好評いただいた作品 も再度上映!BRASTEL CREATIVE TEAMは映画祭のイメージも担当してるので、 応援もよろしくお願いしま〜す!・・・だからBRASTEL・CREATIVEのブログでもブラジル映画祭の情報 もどんどん載せるので、またチェックしてみてネ!最後に過去のブラジルの映画祭のポスターのおさらいをしよう!


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