FREE Japanese fonts for Download!

It is always good to have a large collection of fonts,  especially when you advertise in more than 20 languages, like we do.  There are a lot of useful FREE downloads you can find on the Interent, such as the font website in the link bellow. Great find!


漢字が使える日本語フォント 無料ダウンロード 46種類



It’s summer time!


During the summer, many outdoor events are held throughout Japan. To help everyone stay cool this year, we created a new fan for 2009.  If you go out this summer most likely you will see it.

The fan features Brastel’s colors, yellow and blue.  On one side is the Brastel logo, on the other is the drawing of a hand.  The idea is that when you wave the fan back and forth, the hand looks like it is making  the “call me” gesture.  In fact, the phrase “call me” is written in 20 different languages all around the drawing of the hand!

You can get your "uchiwa" for FREE in any event that Brastel is in!

You can get your "uchiwa" for FREE at any event that Brastel is a part of!

If you see someone using this fan at any event, please take a picture and send it to us. We would love to publish your picture on our blog!

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