Comics in Advertisement

It all started as a joke about the best way to explain a product’s functionality to customers.  What is easier to understand than a drawing?  A comic strip perhaps?  Deveoping this idea more we created a advertisement that looked like a comic, but explained our service in detail.   The final result was a great success!


Expecting the same ads as before readers had a pleasant surprise upon opening the magazine and seeing the comic.  The ad employed a personal touch helping the customers better relate to the product.   It was well received by the Spanish market and subsequently 3 more variations were produced.  We are currently on the 4th version.

With the ad being so successful other markets soon took notice, the Chinese department for example asked us to do a version for their market.


It’s just a pity that the comics take so long to be produced.  We hope they are as fun to read as they are to make.


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