Brazilian Festival 2008 in Latina


Our design was published in October's issue of the famous magazine Latina!

Latina magazine is one of the best known sources for the latest info about Latin music in Japan.  Covering not only music the magazine covers films, plays, interviews and the latest cultural phenomena. This makes Latina the perfect media platform to advertise “Festival de Cinema Brasil”, the Brazilian movie festival.

2008’s advertisement was a great challenge, since we had a very complex and dynamic design in mind for the poster (which was very well received by the public). We wanted to keep the same original fluid feeling in this piece too, as well as important information about the event and films being shown.


We`re currently planning a special design for the 2009 event.  The material we’ve been developing so far is very distinct from previous years.

Remember: You can always check for the latest news at the Festival Cinema Brasil’s official website.


With ¥2,000 you can talk for 10 hours!


We created a “very” colourful layout for this ad. The most important information is the rate: ¥3.33 per minute for the countries listed on the flyer.  Recharge the Brastel Smart Phonecard with ¥2,000 and you can talk for 10 hours.  The layout is so bright and dynamic that you can see the advertisement from miles away! We had it published in a variety of print media such as; Metropolis, Tokyo Notice Board, Kansai Scene and Daily Yomiuri.

You can call all these countries starting from ¥3.33/min: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea South, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico (Mexico City), Netherlands, Norway, Peru (Lima), Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey (Istambul), USA (mainland and Hawaii) and UK.

Dance to the beat of Basix


When approached about creating the sound effects and background track for a new promotional video for the Basix system, there were varying opinions on what kind of music should be used.  Writing music is a very tough aspect of design as in many respects the opinion of people can be more subjective than when doing graphic design as music can cause a more emotive reaction.  The music can set the mood of the video and if the audio does not match up with the visual it can create the wrong impression.

Upon viewing the movie and discussing among ourselves it was felt to create a more upbeat BGM (background music) in the vein of funky house and a second one with a simple BGM.  The basic tune was written in Renoise a great piece of software used by various dance producers, taking various samples, cutting them up and sequencing them into a simple house track.  The tough part was making the track not too complex but not too simple so that it becomes boring.  Initial attempts did not suit the feel of the video but as we changed the timing and levels within the track it started to feel part of the video.  When the final audio was placed with the video it worked better than expected.

So that was the BGM finished then we had to do the sound effects … this was actually much tougher, writing music is easy but creating timed effects can be a very time consuming effort.  The best way to do the sound effects were to have the sound editing software and video both in front of you, when the clip you need starts, play on the keyboard in time with the movie.  This you will have to do many times until you can get the timing right, even once that is done then you have to edit the timing even more with the audio and video editing software, to be honest it is a lot of fun 🙂  The final effect though worked very nicely and we hope to work more on similar projects.

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