On the morning of July 22, the longest total solar eclipse this century was visible from a swath of Asia that began in India, extended over Nepal, Myanmar, China and Japan and finished in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  A partial eclipse was visible from other parts of Asia.

Kawasaki Municipal Sumiyoshi Elementary School

Kawasaki Municipal Sumiyoshi Elementary School

Kawasaki Municipal Sumiyoshi Elementary School

Kawasaki Municipal Sumiyoshi Elementary School

Brastel Telecom was honored to participate in an event that aimed to share this unique experience with children from different countries and backgrounds to promote multicultural exchange. It provided a common virtual space for children where they could view images of the eclipse transmitted live from other locations in Asia, as well as participate in other real-time interaction based activities related to the event.

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Brastel Telecom sponsored the event for Nippaku Gakuen, the Brazilian school, in Gunma Prefecture. This project was made possible due to the success of last year’s “Entre Para A Historia” project, in which we created a special edition Brastel Smart Phonecard to commemorate a centenary of Japanese immigration to Brazil. Part of the profit from this card were donated to the  Education Project for Brazilian children in Japan.   One of the projects that this Education Project supports is the Global Kids Eclipse 2009.

For more information about the “Entre Para A História” project  (only in portuguese) click here


Event: Fiesta del Peru – 2009.07.26


Lots of fun, Peruvian food and dance
When: July 26th
Time: 12:00 until 20:00
Where: Studio Coast (Shinkiba Station)

Muita diversão, Comida peruana e Dancas típicas!
Quando: 26 de Julho
Hora: 12:00 até as 20:00
Local: Studio Coast (Estação de Shinkiba)

いつ: 7月26日(日曜日)
何時:12:00 ~ 20:00
どこで: Studio Coast (新木場駅)

Fighting Hunger Wordwilde


Call for a good cause. With the World Food Programme edition of the Brastel Smart Phonecard you can help kids in need.

Recharge it once and feed 5 school children!

To request a card, please contact us at 0120-659-534 / 03-5637-5904 or  send us an email at

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