Bye-bye Narita Airport!

Brastel's billboard at Narita Airport

Brastel's billboard at Narita Airport

We said good bye to our advertising at Narita Airport as of March this year. For many years we greeted everyone arriving in Japan.  The airport will not be the same without us!


Brastel’s Talent: Chihiro Machiya

We created a new category on our blog: Brastel’s Talent. We would like to showcase the talents of Brastel employees who design in their spare time.  Any kind of talent: Design, Painting, Photography, Illustration or any kind of design/art. We are very proud to have such talented employees and are pleased to display their work here!

Today`s talent is Chihiro Machiya, from Japan.



描くこと・作ることは、もうずっと、3歳くらい頃から(記憶がある限り)大好 きでした。
幼稚園のときは、先生に「折り紙の先生」と呼ばれるくらいだったし、小学生の 時は、自分の「発明ノート」を持ってアイディアを書き綴ったりしていました。 (ちょっと変な子だったと思います!)
そんなこんなで創作を続けているうちに、気づかないうちに何か言葉でうまくい えない事とか気持ちとか、そんなことを描いていました。
それがキャンバスで絵になったり、スケッチブックでのイラストや自作の絵本に なったりしていたら、その「なんとも言えない気持ち」を描くことが、私の創作 活動の上でのコンセプトになっていました。
「友達とは、あなたの心の歌を知っていて、あなたがその歌詞を忘れちゃったと きに、歌い返してくれる人。」
私は私の絵や、私が創るもの全て、もしくは私自身が、そういう存在(友達)で いれたらいいな、と願っています。


I’ve always loved art & craft since I was- about 3yrs old. (At least that’s the youngest age I was conscious of it.) When I was in kindergarten, I was an “Origami master”, when I was the elementary school, I had my own “invention book” where I noted my brilliant ideas. (I guess I was a bit of a weirdo!) Anyways, I kept living with my creativity, and unwittingly, I started to draw things/feelings that I could not express verbally.  It grew up as paintings on canvas, drawings on the sketchbook and my own children’s book stories, and somehow it became a concept of my art: “feelings that you cannot digest to speak.” Here is my all-time favorite quote which is written by unknown.
-“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”-
I always hope my art, anything I create or me, myself to be able to live this kind of existence (a friend).
I hope you like my artwork. Thank you!

Please choose which illustrations you like the most and leave a comment.  For more of her work click here.


Horoscope: Piscis
Blood type: AB
Singer: Clementine, Ella Fitzgerald & Lous Armstrong (Duo) etc.
Song: “Natural Woman” by Carole King
Food: Ice cream
Drink: Pink Lemonade
Film: LEON
Art: Hundertwasser, Maurice Sendak, John Burningham, Ryoji Arai and many more.
Book: Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby, Paulo Coelho, Yann Martel (Life of Pi), Michael Ende (MOMO)
Fashion: Something comfortable and which wouldn’t look bad in 10 years later.
Colour: Nature colors like green and brown
Best place in Japan: My bed. (So comfortable!)

Pot of Gold near Brastel – 2009.07.27

Photo by Lidia Megumi Sakaguti

Photo by Lidia Megumi Sakaguti

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