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Yesterday, all KEIYO trains were stopped in Tokyo for 7 hours!  Imagine: You are stuck inside a train without air conditioning in this hot summer for 1 hour? It`s hotter than a sauna!  The KEIYO line goes to Tokyo Disneyland and runs alongside the Tokyo Bay.  One of our coworkers watched an interview with a the person who had just left Tokyo Disneyland:  “Definitely I was in the fantasy world and jumped into the real world.”  With this news piece we decided to post the advertisement shown above, it was created with reference to the Tokyo subway and published last year!

And to make good use of this post, we have had added more 6 countries:

Belarus: 882-00-011-0058
Greece: 00-800-161-22-035-975
Israel: 1-809-256-403
Italy: 800-787-972 and 800-789-376
Moldova: 0800-60-001
Ukraine: 880-0504-1860

For all the countries listed click here


How to go to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Office?


Take the “Brastel” bus Shinagawa Futo Junkan from JR Shinagawa station Konan-guchi (East Exit) / Busstop “Tokyo Nyukoku-Kanrikyoku Mae”

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Office (5-5-30, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Telephone : (03) 5796-7112

Office hours: 09 : 00 to 12 : 00 and 13 : 00 to 16 : 00. Monday through Friday
Telephone inquiries are accepted during office hours
(The office will be closed on national holidays and for the year end and New Year holidays.)

For more information about Tokyo Regional Immigration click here

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