Daikanyama Installation 2009 – 11.1-11.23

The 6th Exhibition of Daikanyama Installation will start from November 2009.
The art competition is open to anyone interested in researching the theme of relationships between contemporary art and public space and creating art forms in the context of urban architecture.
November 1st (Sunday) ~ November 23rd (Monday, holiday), 2009
Venue: Daikanyama, Tokyo
This year, the Executive Committee of Daikanyama Installation have selected 18 sites for installation.



(Left) “The heart of Daikanyama”  –  2007                                                                       (Right) “Construct” –  2007

Diwali Festival at Nishikasai 2009.10.31

東京ディワリフェスタ西葛西 第10回西葛西の国際秋祭り
Diwali Festival at Nishikasai
Diwali is an annual festival in India known as the Festival of Lights. The Tokyo Diwali Festa Nishikasai is an annual event for those living in Japan to come together and enjoy this Indian Festival of Lights.
Enjoy Indian food, bazaar, traditional dance, music and lottery (Airline tickets to India, etc.)

Date: 2009/10/31 (Saturday)
Place: Shinden 6-Go Park (8-6, Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
Admission Free
Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Access: South Exit of Nishikasai Sta (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)
For further information, call: 03-3688-6612

AOSANDO ART FAIR 2009.10.30-11.03

This is the 3rd edition of the Aosando Art Fair, held in the alley which connects Aoyama Doori St. and Omotesando St.
Creative artists, unique shops, boutiques, hair salons and art galleries provide a great diversity of contemporary art.
Venue:  Around H.P. DECO (5-2-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku)
Date:  Oct.30th (Fri) – Nov.3rd (Tue/Holiday), 2009
Time:  11:00AM – 8:00PM


Halloween Glitterball 09


Our Creative Staff didn’t miss the great Metropolis party launched last Wednesday, Halloween Glitterball 2009!

There was FREE food and drinks for everybody, good music and a dance floor full of people from all corners of the globe. Check out our freaky workmates and their costumes below!


HR’s Dani-chan helped one of our Design Team members with make-up, amazingly this photo was before she applied the make-up!  Such a waste of Dior, Channel …

Brastel’s Talent: Timo Paul


Timo is a freelancer for Brastel. He is checking the English text for our materials, including this blog!!! And when he has time he is helping to compose background music, sound effects and recording his voice for our BASIX’s videos.   It is so cool what he can do, he gave a special touch for each video that we created.

London 1990 …
My earliest memories of DJ`ing start back in 1990, it was during the rave heydays, rave music was just emerging and the warehouses around the country were jumping to the harsh beats and rushing stabs. Being only 12 years old, I was unable to attend the raves and as such got drawn into DJing first. I had already been writing very basic music on my computer at the time but the sounds emerging from my brother’s records decks caught my attention like no other music. Eventually I began to play everyday on my brother’s decks until I turned 15, when I received my own decks for my birthday, from that day I was buying vinyl and recording my sessions. It was not until I was 17 that I started to play out at small parties and events, once I started university I was DJ`ing in clubs and on pirate radios the lifeblood of the underground dance scene.

As my DJing progressed so did my producing and eventually I started to send demo tapes to record companies, in 2007 I was approached by Bassquake Records to release my tune, A Little Bit of Pacific. Since moving to Japan I now mainly spin on internet radio and occasionally in clubs.

My best memories are from DJing around the clubs and pirate radio stations in London. I would first play on the station and then after my show go to the rave. It was a magical moment when you got to meet the people who were listening to your show and are then in the rave wanting to listen to you. Still to this day I listen and DJ, Old Skool Hardcore – the true underground sound of London.

Horoscope: Pisces
Blood type: A something …
Singer: Not much of a singer fan but as far as producers go Pennywise is up their with the best.
Song: Neuromancer by Pennywise (class tune!)
Food: Anything that tastes good but I do have a tendency to go for a good curry, pizza or burger!
Drink: Strowbow Cider or JD
Film: Blade Runner – Directors Cut
Art: Andy Warhol
Book: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Philip K. Dick
Fashion: London casual
Colour: mostly red and blue
Best place in Japan: Anywhere there is a natural onsen where I can eat and sleep and eat …

To hear more work please click here and here

And the radio station that he DJs on is here

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