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Isamu Noguchi, a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect, once said:

“Why I became an artist is related deeply to how my mother lived through her life”.
The third movie of Hisako Mitsui “LEONIE”, which was a joint production of Japan and the USA, now is on screens in Japan.

Acclaimed director Hisako Matsui found inspiration in Leonie’s life story seven years ago, when she read Masayo Duus’ The Life of Isamu Noguchi.  Determined to share the tale of this extraordinary woman with the world,  Matsui spent several years working through fourteen drafts of the screenplay.  The resulting film, shot on location all across Japan and the USA, brought together an impressive, international ensemble of talented filmmakers.

Set in the early 20th century, this is the true life story of Leonie Gilmour, an American editor and journalist, who falls in love with a famous Japanese poet, Yone Noguchi, and gives birth to her son:  Isamu Noguchi, the world renowned sculptor and architect.

Director: Hisako Matsui
Writers: Masayo Duus (biography), Hisako Matsui (screenplay)
Stars: Emily Mortimer, Shidô Nakamura and Christina Hendricks
Release Date: 20 November 2010 (Japan)

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