Reasons to Visit:

1.  Exquisite taste of African food mainly from Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast!
2.  Perfect for those who likes spicy food!
3.  Various musical live events take place every Friday!

English Menu: Available
English speaking staff: Available
Business hours:
Lunch time  11:30 am – 14:30 pm
Dinner time  5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Last Order :  22:00 pm
Holidays: Every Sunday

Recommendation of the house:

Enjoy African food and music in a luxury atmosphere!

Reviews from the customers:

–    Malian and Senegalese cuisine is served here, along with South African wines. Good taste!
–    More than just a friendly little dinner, Calabash serves as the focus for Tokyo’s small francophone West African community. There’s often live music.
–    Calabash is much more than just a restaurant-bar; it’s an unofficial cultural center for Tokyo’s disparate diaspora of Francophone West Africans.
–   The kitchen produces a good selection of meat- or fish-based stews that are eaten with rice, couscous or fufu, the thick, dough-like staple made from yam starch.
–   The wine list mixes generic New World varietals from South Africa with the thin, sour traditional wines of North Africa.
–   One of the specialties at Calabash is tilapia, a medium-size freshwater fish, sometimes known as African perch, which they grill whole with a spicy sauce popular in Co^te d’Ivoire. But we chose instead the tieb djen (pronounced “cheb jen”), a Senegalese dish of grilled swordfish served on a pilaf of long-grain rice, fancifully called “paella,” with a good selection of cooked vegetables.

If ever visited, please share your voice with us too!

Location and contacts:
Area: Hamamatsucho, Tokyo
Address : B1 Hamamatsu Bldg., 2-10-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3433-08884



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