1. Brazilian traditional food. Possible to buy online.
  2. There is point card system for the store. And there is a free drink coupon for the grill.
  3. 8 kinds of meat for churrasco. Attractive party plan!

Business hours:
Mon ~ Fri   10:00 am ~ 8:00 pm
Sat ~ Sun    10:00 am ~ 9:00 pm
Holidays:  open every day

Recommendation of the house:

  • We do not use oil to cook meat. With a special grill it is possible to reduce meat fat and you can enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Please come and enjoy your party while meat from the grill is served in a Brazilian authentic style in front of you.

Reviews from customers:

  • Be the first one to write your review here!

If ever visited, please share your voice with us too!

Location and contacts:
Area:  Saitama, Sakado
Address:  PAT Sakado 1F, Yawata 2-2-7 , Sakado-shi, Saitama
Tel: 049-292-1430


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