Brastel’s Talent: Saori Casanova

We created a category on our blog: Brastel’s Talent. We would like to showcase the talents of Brastel employees who design in their spare time.  Any kind of talent: Design, Painting, Photography, Illustration or any kind of design/art. We are very proud to have such talented employees and are pleased to display their work here!

Today`s talent is Saori Casanova, from Brazil.

2014082211173520140822111652 2014082211270520121016_010217


Horoscope: Sargitarius

Blood type: O

Singer: Marisa Monte, Linkin Park, Katty Perry e Bruno Mars

Song: “Happy” por Pharrell Williams

Food: Passion fruit

Drink: Water

Film: Forrest Gump

Art: Mousse de maracujá

Book: Gabriel García Marqués

Fashion: basic

Colour: white

Best place in Japan: Nagasaki

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