Magic power of advertising

     Even if you are not in advertising business you probably noticed the way PR people use the space to promote the advertisement. For example, when you are standing inside the train holding a handrail you may notice some pictures or words on it besides your hand. Or have you checked what’s written under the Brastel card when you detach it from the pamphlet? No? Well, there you go! I suggest you should immediately pick one card in a convenient store and check it! Or do you know how Dannon Japan attracts their customers attention? Since I am one of them I will tell you.
It has become a morning ritual for me to have a Dannon yogurt for breakfast. Why Dannon? I do not know. Probably because they have a lot of flavors to choose from. Anyway, once I opened a yogurt and noticed that something was written on its cover. It was vague as I probably shook the yogurt on my way back home in a bag. So I took off the yogurt part from the cover and read what was written. It was a piece of advice how to enjoy the yogurt better. Immediately a thought came to me: what is written on the rest covers or is it the same phrase? I opened one more yogurt and it was another nice message. Since that day it became a tradition for me to read the yogurt cover adds.
Today I woke up, looked out of the window – rainy again. What a boring day I thought. I opened my regular breakfast buddy and voila – it said “Dobroye Utra” written in Japanese which means in Russian “Good morning”. I felt like the message was left there specifically for me on this gloomy day. It was a pleasant surprise (I am Russian, by the way). The morning really started good for me! It is amazing how small things can make your day brighter! One simple phrase can change the whole world!

Design Festa Celebrates its 33th Anniversary in May 2011

Hurry up! International Art Event! Anyone with original work can take part!

Design Festa event first took place in 1994 for artists from all over the world. It is held twice a year. The next event is going to be held in Tokyo Big Sight on May 14-15, 2011. There will be over 2850 Booths, Performance and Live Music areas, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars. Two days filled with art, energy, excitement and discovery!

Check details in website:


Yesterday I stopped by the Mini Stop to grab some snack before I get home. And my attention was drawn by something black in a bread shelf. I came closer and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw! There was a Melon bun (commonly known as Melonpan in Japan), but its outer layer was all black instead of a traditional yellowish one. This color was achieved by its producer Yamazaki Baking Company with a charcoal artificial colorant. I cannot say I am a big fan of Melonpan, nevertheless I bought it as I was struck by the design of the pack with just a face of a man, nothing else, and by nothing I mean no hair since the black part of the bread gave the impression of a big black hairy head. The taste was so-so. But the selling idea – very creative! Check it by yourself!

Vamos Al Cine

Isamu Noguchi, a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect, once said:

“Why I became an artist is related deeply to how my mother lived through her life”.
The third movie of Hisako Mitsui “LEONIE”, which was a joint production of Japan and the USA, now is on screens in Japan.

Acclaimed director Hisako Matsui found inspiration in Leonie’s life story seven years ago, when she read Masayo Duus’ The Life of Isamu Noguchi.  Determined to share the tale of this extraordinary woman with the world,  Matsui spent several years working through fourteen drafts of the screenplay.  The resulting film, shot on location all across Japan and the USA, brought together an impressive, international ensemble of talented filmmakers.

Set in the early 20th century, this is the true life story of Leonie Gilmour, an American editor and journalist, who falls in love with a famous Japanese poet, Yone Noguchi, and gives birth to her son:  Isamu Noguchi, the world renowned sculptor and architect.

Director: Hisako Matsui
Writers: Masayo Duus (biography), Hisako Matsui (screenplay)
Stars: Emily Mortimer, Shidô Nakamura and Christina Hendricks
Release Date: 20 November 2010 (Japan)

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