Brastel’s Talent: Chihiro Machiya

We created a new category on our blog: Brastel’s Talent. We would like to showcase the talents of Brastel employees who design in their spare time.  Any kind of talent: Design, Painting, Photography, Illustration or any kind of design/art. We are very proud to have such talented employees and are pleased to display their work here!

Today`s talent is Chihiro Machiya, from Japan.



描くこと・作ることは、もうずっと、3歳くらい頃から(記憶がある限り)大好 きでした。
幼稚園のときは、先生に「折り紙の先生」と呼ばれるくらいだったし、小学生の 時は、自分の「発明ノート」を持ってアイディアを書き綴ったりしていました。 (ちょっと変な子だったと思います!)
そんなこんなで創作を続けているうちに、気づかないうちに何か言葉でうまくい えない事とか気持ちとか、そんなことを描いていました。
それがキャンバスで絵になったり、スケッチブックでのイラストや自作の絵本に なったりしていたら、その「なんとも言えない気持ち」を描くことが、私の創作 活動の上でのコンセプトになっていました。
「友達とは、あなたの心の歌を知っていて、あなたがその歌詞を忘れちゃったと きに、歌い返してくれる人。」
私は私の絵や、私が創るもの全て、もしくは私自身が、そういう存在(友達)で いれたらいいな、と願っています。


I’ve always loved art & craft since I was- about 3yrs old. (At least that’s the youngest age I was conscious of it.) When I was in kindergarten, I was an “Origami master”, when I was the elementary school, I had my own “invention book” where I noted my brilliant ideas. (I guess I was a bit of a weirdo!) Anyways, I kept living with my creativity, and unwittingly, I started to draw things/feelings that I could not express verbally.  It grew up as paintings on canvas, drawings on the sketchbook and my own children’s book stories, and somehow it became a concept of my art: “feelings that you cannot digest to speak.” Here is my all-time favorite quote which is written by unknown.
-“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”-
I always hope my art, anything I create or me, myself to be able to live this kind of existence (a friend).
I hope you like my artwork. Thank you!

Please choose which illustrations you like the most and leave a comment.  For more of her work click here.


Horoscope: Piscis
Blood type: AB
Singer: Clementine, Ella Fitzgerald & Lous Armstrong (Duo) etc.
Song: “Natural Woman” by Carole King
Food: Ice cream
Drink: Pink Lemonade
Film: LEON
Art: Hundertwasser, Maurice Sendak, John Burningham, Ryoji Arai and many more.
Book: Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby, Paulo Coelho, Yann Martel (Life of Pi), Michael Ende (MOMO)
Fashion: Something comfortable and which wouldn’t look bad in 10 years later.
Colour: Nature colors like green and brown
Best place in Japan: My bed. (So comfortable!)


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