リオのファヴェーラを撮った「私は幸せ(Eu Sou Feliz)」の再上映!!

日時:2月25(土)・26日(日)【両日ともに】16:00~ / 19:00~
住所:渋谷区宇田川町37-18 トツネビル1階


リ オデジャネイロのスラムで、グラフィティーアーティ ストは、犯罪ではなく芸術で生計を立て、サンバのダ ンサーは、より良い生活をしようと何時間もリハーサ ルをし、メイドは、市の南側の裕福な家庭で、一週間 を通してせっせと働く。そして憲兵は最小限の予算で スラムの犯罪と戦う。社会的、経済的問題に直面しな ければならないにも関わらず、これらの人々はそれぞれ、自分自身の幸せを創り出そうと必死に頑張る。それは彼らの精神的な幸福と密接に絡み合った、生き残るための手段なのです。

Documentary filmmaker, Soraya Umewaka will be presenting her Brazilian documentary film ‘I am Happy’ (‘Eu Sou Feliz’) at Shibuya’s Uplink Cinema on February 25th (Sat) and February 26th (Sun).

Both days will have screenings at 4pm and 7pm with Q&A, live samba music by musicians Francis Silva, Silvio Sa and Laine Rondon and Zoador capoeira performance. This documentary was made possible with the support of Princeton University’s Labouisse Fellowship. The documentary will have both English and Japanese subtitles.

Address: Totsune Building 1st floor Udagawa chou 37-18 Shibuya-ku
Advanced tickets: 1500 yen
Tickets at the door: 2000 yen

Please contact Soraya directly for advanced tickets: streetwitness@gmail.com

Synopsis: In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, graffiti artists make a living through art rather than crime; samba dancers rehearse for hours in order to have a better life; in-house-maids toil away during the week in wealthy homes of the city’s south side; and military police combat favela crime with minimal resources. Despite having to face social and economic problems, these individuals persevere by creating their own brand of happiness – a survival tool that is closely intertwined with their psychological wellbeing. What is their perception of happiness?
Is happiness a state of mind or a fleeting moment in time?

This documentary has premiered at international film festivals and will tour around the world with National Geographic this year.


Parties4Peace 2009.12.11 (Fri.)


Parties 4 Peace is an event production company that creates parties to promote peace through music and dance. By bringing people together from all nations, cultures and backgrounds, P4P hopes to create international understanding and peace. P4P is a non-profit production company that only works with DJs who volunteer their time and talent by playing P4P events for free.

All profits from the events are donated towards peace promoting NGO’s and support projects such as AIDS education in Ghana, environmental awarness in Cambodia, community building in El Salvador and various other peace projects happening around the world today. To join them in their peace efforts, please email to: parties4peace@gmail.com

DATE:  2009.12.11 (FRIDAY)

EARTH GROOVE “make your peace”


TIME: 22:00 – 05:00

DOOR: 3,000 yen / 2,500 with flyer

DJs Sam Fitzgerald (P4P), Aosawa (Redbox / Freerange Tokyo), Ahimsa (Burning Desire), DJ Yap (XLNTZ), and more…


For information:  03-5411-9339 or info@favela.jp

Address:  MR Bldg. 7F, 3-2-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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