Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010

Think, Touch, Talk To The World

Exhibition and workshop of graphic designers and illustrators from around the world.
Date: September 23 – September 29, 2010
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda & Kudan Kaikan
Programs: Conference, Exhibition, Portfolio Viewing Award, Workshop and Talk session
Conference: Japan’s largest creative conference with a lineup of top creators from around the world at the Kudan Kaikan in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward.
Date: September 24 (Fri) – 25 (Sat) – 2 days  / 5 sessions
Venue:  Kudan kaikan
Address:  1-6-5  Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Exhibition: Exhibition of works by international ensemble of guest creators.
Date: September 23 (Thu) – 29 (Wed) – 7 days
September 23 (Thu) – 24 (Fri):  Graphic Design /  Photography
September 25 (Sat) – 26 (Sun):  Art + Illustration / Motion Graphic + Interactive
Time: 12:00 – 19:00
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F
6-11-14  Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Portfolio Viewing Award
Portfolio viewing awards will be hold over 4 days at the same venue as the 3331 Arts Chiyoda exhibition. The portfolios of those up-and-coming creators selected from the many entrants from Norway, England, Hong Kong, Japan, and all over the world in the 4 categories of graphic art, motion graphics, photography, and illustration will be presented for all to see.

Workshops and Talk Session
September 23 (Thu) and September 26 (Sun) – 2 days
Venue:  3331 Arts Chiyoda

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