09.09.09 – One day in our lives


Have you heard about the project “A day on the Planet?”,  it is a very interesting concept, One Day – 7 Billion People – One Book.  Do you want to take part?

The idea is to publish a book written by all the people in the world, its about their and your experiences from one day in .

that lls about people around whole world. With stories that tell about their and your experiences.

The day is 09.09.2009. The author is you.

Somewhere on the planet the sun is rising, somewhere else it is setting. People are dancing, arguing, laughing and crying. Everywhere around the world, every day people experience new things and new emotions – and you are one of them.

Although the Internet and globalization are making our planet seem smaller and smaller, we all live in our own worlds.  Or are you familiar with the hopes and dreams of people who live thousands of kilometers away from you?

You, too, can write down a personal experience that made this day special for you. And at the same time, a host of others in other countries will be writing about what they experience. Day-to-day experiences can be very surprising and fascinating for people on the other side of the planet!

Become a part of this unique project and help us bring people from all over the world closer together – with your story, which will be translated into many different languages and published all over the world.

How It Works

Tell your story to the whole world Your life is unique. And every day you experience a story that is worth telling to others.

Maybe you had the best sex in your life, or maybe you won the lottery. Maybe your boss insulted you in front of your colleagues, or your car got stolen.

Simply write a few lines about what affected you most on 9 September. Something that made you feel weird, afraid, happy or sad. A moment when you were smiling about something in your life.

Whatever story you tell is up to you. There are only three simple rules:

– Your story must be about something your experienced yourself on 09.09.09

– The text must be about one A4 page long

– You must include your name and age, the place name (town/city, region and country) and a fairly precise time with your story

The more honest and personal your story is, the better our readers on other continents will be able to understand your life.

You can write your story in any of the following eight languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Russian.

It doesn’t matter where you live – for example you can send us a story from China that’s written in Arabic or a story from Russia in French!

You can email  your story anytime from 09.09.09 to 25.09.09 to stories@adayontheplanet.com

For more information click here (in German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Russian)

Colombian Gourmet Culture 09.08.26-30

Gourmet Info

An award winning chef will be visiting Japan to showcase his incredible cooking skills.  He will participate in the Colombian Gourmet & Culture event held at Hilton Tokyo. Come and enjoy authentic Colombian food!
Colombian Gourmet  CultureDate: August 26th to 30 th (Wednesday to Sunday)
Lunch Buffet : from 11:30am to 3:00pm
Price: ¥3,350 per person (Monday to Friday)
¥3,850 per person (Saturday and Sunday)
Dinner Buffet : from 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Price: ¥5,500 per person (Sunday to Thursday)
¥6,700 per person (Friday and Saturday)


ランチブッフェ: 11:30~15:00

Informação de Gourmet
Um famoso cozinheiro-chefe, ganhador de inúmeros concursos de gourmet está visitando o Japão. Ele estará participando do evento Colombian Gourmet & Culture que acontecerá no Hilton Tokyo. Não percam essa chance de apreciar uma autêntica comida colombiana!
Colombian Gourmet & Culture
Data: 26 a 30 de agosto (quarta a domingo)
Almoço (Buffet) : das 11:30 às 15:00 hs
Preço: ¥3,350 por pessoa (segunda a sexta)
¥3,850 por pessoa (sábado e domingo)
Jantar (Buffet) : 17:30 às 22:00 hs
Preço: ¥5,500 por pessoa (domingo a quinta-feira)
¥6,700 por pessoa (sexta e sábado)

スエリーの青空 ・ O Céu de Suely

O Céu de Suely is going to be shown at the Festival Cinema Brasil 2009. Please read the synopses below:

Young Hermila returns with her son to her hometown in Ceará. She waits for her boyfriend to arrive from São Paulo but he never shows up. To start her life again, she moves away, changes her name (Suely) and raffles her body for money.

エルミーラは幼い息子を連れて、生まれ故郷のセアラー州の田舎町に戻る。そこで恋人がサンパウロから来るのを待つのだが、いくら待っても彼は現れない。どこか遠くで人生をやり直すために、スエリーと名を偽った彼女が取った行動とは…。 2008年劇場公開作品。

movie_10_pic01A jovem Hermila volta com o filho à cidade-natal, no Ceará. Lá aguarda o namorado voltar de São Paulo. Mas ele nunca mais aparece. Para recomeçar a vida em outro lugar, ela muda de nome (Suely) e rifa o corpo para conseguir dinheiro.

スエリーの青空 O Céu de Suely / Suely in the Sky

2006 / 88min. / Drama Dir.: カリン・アイヌー Cast: エルミーラ・ゲーデス / ジェオルジーナ・カストロ

Brastel helps educational projects for brazilian kids in Japan

Last year, Brastel decided to give part of the the profits from refills to a special event – Centennial of Japanese Immigration in Brazil – the Brastel Smart Phonecard will help support educational projects for young Brazilians living in Japan.

It is time to take the first step towards the realization that various projects can benefit these young people who are the future of the Brazilian community in Japan.

For more information, click here


Brastel patrocina projetos educacionais para brasileiros

No ano passado, a Brastel assumiu o compromisso de direcionar parte do lucro das recargas da edição especial – Centenário da Imigração – do cartão Brastel Smart Phonecard para apoiar projetos educacionais em prol dos jovens brasileiros residentes no Japão.

É chegada a hora de dar primeiro passo para a realização de vários projetos que beneficiem estes jovens que são o futuro da comunidade brasileira no Japão. Para mais informações, clique aqui

  • Projeto Eclipse
  • Projeto Volta a Escola
  • Projeto Educacao Sexual – Criativos

What kind of Persona are you?

We typed Brastel Creative in this site:

Persona_brastel-creative01Check it out the result:

Persona_brastel creativePersona_brastel-creative02How about you? What kind of persona are you? click here

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